NMS Archaeology Object 133118: X.FG 19 - Fibula / brooch



Bow brooch of bronze

Accession Number

X.FG 19

Other references

Not recorded1894 p.41

Original description

MISCELLANEOUS ORNAMENTS, CHIEFLY BRONZE. Bronze fibulae [FG 12-19] of various forms, mostly bow-shaped, localities unknown.Trevor Cowie notes, 11.12.2009: Arc fibula with broad foot. Broad catch-plate, banded decoration consisting of horizontal lines and double herring-bone; large coil; pin broken. Clerk Collection. Locality unknown. Reference: Cumae, II; Muller Karpe - Taf 17, 19; II Taf 16.1.Cumae. Date 2nd half of 8th century BC

Associated person/people (e.g. excavator/former collection)

Clerk Collection

Discovery / field collection

Date of discovery

Not recorded

Method (e.g. excavation)

Not recorded

Place (i.e. location of discovery)

Grid reference

Not recorded


Acquisition date


Acquisition source (i.e. name of donor)

Clerk Collection

Acquisition source role (e.g. donor)




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