Welcome to the Finds Hub!

The Finds Hub is a tool for linking digital records of archaeological objects (finds) in Scotland and the places they were discovered (sites). These records are currently dispersed across multiple holdings, making it difficult to access. By using the Finds Hub to link finds and their discovery sites, we will all be able to build new and richer stories about Scottish archaeology.

In its initial phase, the Finds Hub focused on prehistoric grave goods in northern Scotland – an especially spectacular, unusual and touching set of objects. Heritage professionals and volunteers made c. 70,000 links between records of grave goods (and other objects) and their discovery sites. For Phase 2, we are adding find and site records from across Scotland to the Finds Hub and broadening the scope of our work beyond grave goods. With your help, we have a new target to make 250,000 links between museum object records and their discovery sites in perpetuity by 31 March 2025. Have a look at how we are doing here and, most importantly, help us out with this incredibly important research.

Link grave goods and funerary sites, and help to build novel stories about Scottish prehistoric burials and the people who found them!

The Finds Hub was created as part of a wider collaborative project involving the Universities of Reading and Manchester, Historic Environment Scotland and National Museums Scotland.

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