National Museums Scotland

National Museums Scotland (NMS) supplied 42,561 records on prehistoric to Roman artefacts the National Collection from Orkney, Western Isles, Shetland, Highland and Aberdeenshire. Some records of artefacts of later date and ambiguous records that were not readily excluded are also included in the dataset, but clearly medieval and later records have been excluded.  It should be noted that where archaeological assemblages have not been fully accessioned a single record may be present for all artefacts and digital records of some holdings are not yet available, e.g. human remains.  

Due to GDPR regulations, all donor information after 1918 has been removed, unless the individual is known to be not to be living.

After a later removal of some records, 42,270 records from NMS were ultimately included.

Update October 2022

In October 2022 a new data load has been undertaken, updating the details of the existing 42,270 records loaded previously, and adding a further 106273 records. There are now 148,543 NMS object records on the Finds Hub.