NMS Archaeology Object 20845: H.NGD 13 - Brooch / facsimile



Facsimile of the Glenlyon brooch with the names of the Three Wise Men and one of Christ's last words from the Cross engraved on the back in kidney-shaped panels

Accession Number

H.NGD 13

Other references

Not recordedFC 246

Original description

Glenlyon brooch. In British Museum. Facsimile in NMA. Refs. PSAS LVIII 183-4. LX 120-1. D. Wilson "Prehistoric Ants" I.313-4. B.M. Guide to Med. Ant. (1924) p.266. Anon. note: "I.313-4" altered to "II.313-4". Caption note, June 1993: Engraved on the back are the names of the Three Wise Men and one of Christ's last words from the Cross. These are in kidney-shaped panels like those of the Kindrochit brooch, and there is also a design of leaves sprouting from jugs; suggesting a late 15th century date. The collets on the front are like those of the reliquary brooches. Three small ones have been replaced sometime by coloured stones with twisted supports. To support the weight there are two pins, of ring-brooch type.

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Not recorded

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Not recorded

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Not recorded


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