NMS Archaeology Object 20450: H.NGA 301 - Brooch



Thick circular bronze brooch with markings in imitation of lettering, for warding off evil as well as being decorative and a dress fastener, from Inverinan Forest, Druimnashallog, Argyll

Accession Number

H.NGA 301

Other references

Register number1966

Original description

Thick circular bronze brooch with ?talismanic lettering from Drumnashallog[?], Inverinan Forest, Argyll. Caption note, June 1993: Bronze brooch found in peat in Inverinan Forest, Druimnashallog, Argyllshire. The brooch is unusually thick and heavy for its size. The raised portions may be an imitation in bronze of stone settings on brooches of gold or silver - the markings are probably in imitation of lettering, a charm or invocation. On the back are three incised crosses, another indication that the brooch's purpose was to ward off evil as well as being decorative and a dress fastener. Date - before 1500.

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Date of discovery

Not recorded

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Not recorded

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Not recorded


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Forestry Commission (Scotland)

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