Highland HER Monument MHG61480: MD Finds - Ardersier


Site NameMD Finds - Ardersier
Site Type(s)FINDSPOT (Undated)
Find Type(s)ASSEMBLAGE (Large quantity) Undated (FHG4181)
COIN 17th Century - 1601 AD to 1700 AD (FHG4336)
NGRNH 7799 5600
Record created07/02/2020 11:55:10
Last updated04/09/2020 13:20:10

Description and Sources

There have been a number of assemblages submitted to Treasure Trove from metal detecting, noted only as coming from 'Ardersier'. A general findspot record has been created for this material with a marginal grid reference. TT Nos. are given below, and the material has all been allocated to Inverness Museum. For more detailed information about the assemblages, Treasure Trove and Inverness Museum should be contacted. <1> <2> <3>

TT 22/04: An assemblage of medieval and later coins and objects, listed under Acc. No. 2005.006.001 - 280 in the IMAG catalogue.
TT 02/05: 42 post-medieval coins and objects. Listed under Acc. No 2006.006.
TT 66/05: An assemblage of 25 objects, listed under Acc. Nos. 2007.005.001- 025 in the IMAG catalogue.
TT 67/06: A toy soldier, button, shot and coin, listed under Acc. No. 2007.016.001 - 004. See attached TT report.
TT 35/08: 258 multi-period objects, listed under Acc. Nos. 2009.025.001 - 258 in the IMAG catalogue.
TT 160/09: A post-medieval assemblage.
TT 210/12: A medieval and later assemblage.
TT 332/12: A multi-period assemblage from medieval to modern. Mostly military finds relating to Fort George.
TT 04/16: Post-medieval copper alloy buttons, including a military button of the Royal Inverness Fencibles.
TT 02/17: post-medieval assemblage of 5 objects comprising a button, a George II Irish half penny with modified sides, half of a coin cut in half, a lead square with punched dots and a fragment of iron mortar shell.

A James I/VI silver shilling (2nd coinage, trefoil mintmark) c. 1613 was submitted to Treasure Trove and disclaimed (TTNC 2017/019).

Many of these post-medieval finds are likely to be from the Fort George area.

<1> Treasure Trove, 2019, Highland Finds from Treasure Trove Annual Reports 2004-18 (Dataset/Database File). SHG28208.

<2> Treasure Trove, 2019, Treasure Trove Artefact Reports for Highland Area 1994-2018, TT 67/06 (Text/Record Form). SHG28370.

<3> Inverness Museum & Art Gallery, Inverness Museum & Art Gallery Accession registers (Collection/Catalogue). SHG25836.

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