Highland HER Monument MHG61441: Coin Hoard - Dalvourn Farm


Site NameCoin Hoard - Dalvourn Farm
Site Type(s)FINDSPOT (16th Century to 17th Century - 1501 AD to 1700 AD)
Find Type(s)COIN HOARD (4) 16th Century to 17th Century - 1501 AD to 1700 AD (FHG4057)
NGRNH 6880 3430
Record created14/01/2020 11:53:34
Last updated14/01/2020 12:23:59

Description and Sources

Inverness Museum archive files hold information regarding the discovery of a probable coin hoard at Dalvourn Farm. In 1981, three coins were brought to Inverness Museum for identification, although they had been found earlier in 1979. These were submitted to Treasure Trove (TT 316) and allocated back to Inverness Museum in 1983. They were received by the museum in 1984 from the NMS. They have been identified as:
1. Irish half groat of James I of England, 1604-5 (Acc. No. 1984.067.002)
2.Groat of Philip and Mary, 1554-8 (Acc. No. 1984.067.003)
3. Silver coin, tentatively identified of Henri III of France, dated 1559 (Acc. No. 1984.067.004)
There is also a document concerning a fourth coin from the site, identified as a hammered silver three pence of Elizabeth I, 1573 (Acc. No. 1984.067.001?).
The coins are recorded as having come from NH 688 343, the findspot described as a steeply sloping, wooded bank overlooking the B851. The area of the bank was about 5m in diameter, and they were retreived from the ground surface where soil was being eroded from around the roots of the trees. The spacing of the finds was consistant with the possibility that the coins had been buried or lost at, or near, the top of the slope and had subsequently travelled down the slope .
Two other coins had reportedly been found in the same area, although these were said to have been smaller and one cut in half, and therefore likely to be earlier in date than the 16th-17 Century coins. The location of these two coins was unknown. <1>

<1> Inverness Museum, 2019, Inverness Museum and Art Gallery Archive Files (Collection). SHG28371.

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