Highland HER Monument MHG60733: MD Finds - Knocknagael


Site NameMD Finds - Knocknagael
Site Type(s)FINDSPOT (Medieval - 1058 AD to 1559 AD)
Find Type(s)COIN Medieval - 1058 AD to 1559 AD (FHG3557)
JEWS HARP Medieval - 1058 AD to 1559 AD (FHG4314)
SPINDLE WHORL (2) Post Medieval - 1560 AD to 1900 AD (FHG4316)
WEIGHT (3) Post Medieval - 1560 AD to 1900 AD (FHG4315)
BUTTON (6-10) Modern - 1901 AD to 2100 AD (FHG4328)
NGRNH 6600 4100
Record created03/07/2019 16:05:53
Last updated02/07/2020 13:28:48

Description and Sources

Several finds have been submitted to Treasure Trove from Knocknagael which have been disclaimed:

TTNC 2013/027: 18 post-medieval objects including a tin whistle, 3 pistol bals, a trade token, a cup weight, buckles, lead fragments and a spindle whorl.
TTNC 2013/181: An Edward I silver hammered penny, a lead finial and copper alloy coil.
TTNC 2013/263: A modern Indian coin and balance arm.
TTNC 2018/139: A copper alloy nested weight set lid, a copper alloy cup weight and a lead spindle whorl with pellet and radiate line decoration on both sides.

An assemblage of Modern 8 military objects were also submitted. These comprised a broken Land pattern musket or carbine trigger guard and 7 military buttons (1 Royal Marine, 2 Board of Ordnance/Royal Artillery, 1 100th Regiment Northern Fencibles and 2 volunteer buttons). Unknown whether they are claimed or unclaimed yet. <1>

A jaw harp was also submitted to Treasure Trove and disclaimed. It was aquired by Inverness Mueseum and is listed under Acc. No. 2013.025. A conservation report in their archive files describes as made of copper alloy measuring 53mm by 22mm. Its original surface was straited. <2>

Grid reference is marginal only. More detailed Grid Reference are held by Treasure Trove. GW 28/02/20

<1> Treasure Trove, 2019, Highland Finds from Treasure Trove Annual Reports 2004-18 (Dataset/Database File). SHG28208.

<2> Inverness Museum, 2019, Inverness Museum and Art Gallery Archive Files, 2013.025 (Collection). SHG28371.

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