Highland HER Monument MHG59131: BA Hoard - Baile-a-chladaich, Dores


Site NameBA Hoard - Baile-a-chladaich, Dores
Part of a plough-dispersed Bronze Age hoard was discovered by metal detecting in 2012.
Site Type(s)FINDSPOT (Bronze Age - 2400 BC to 551 BC)
Find Type(s)AXEHEAD (4) Bronze Age - 2400 BC to 551 BC (FHG2804)
CASTING WASTE (2) Bronze Age - 2400 BC to 551 BC (FHG2807)
GOUGE (1) Bronze Age - 2400 BC to 551 BC (FHG2806)
KNIFE (3) Bronze Age - 2400 BC to 551 BC (FHG2805)
NGRNH 5800 3200
Record created18/12/2018 15:29:13
Last updated09/07/2020 18:08:14

Description and Sources

NH 58 33 Metal detecting resulted in the discovery of a Late Bronze Age hoard comprising a mixture of complete objects and metalworking debris, apparently dispersed by ploughing. The hoard consists of two complete socketed axeheads; the upper socket portion and the blade portion of a further two socketed axeheads; a tanged knife with crescentic blade; a socketed gouge; a socketed knife; a miscast socketed knife and a casting jet (most likely from the gate of a mould for a socketed axehead) and a lump of melted bronze. It is unusual to find casting debris in Scottish hoards and this is also an unusually large hoard for the Highland region. Excavation around the presumed locus of the hoard revealed two, as yet undated, firepits with charcoal-rich fills but shed no immediate light on the original circumstances of the metalwork deposit.
Claimed as Treasure Trove (TT 14/13), allocated to Inverness Museum and Art gallery. <1>

This hoard was catalogued as part of the North Kessock & District Local History Society and Archaeology for Communities in the Highlands (ARCH) collaborative 'Feats of Clay' Project, which was focused on Bronze Age metalworking around the Moray Firth. It was assigned a Late Bronze Age date. <2>

The hoard is listed under Acc. No 2017.010 in the Inverness Museum catalogue. <3>

Four figure grid reference given is marginal. A full GR for the hoard is held by Treasure Trove. GW 09/07/20

<1> Cowie, T, 2013, 'Metal detector find, Dores', Discovery Excav Scot, New Series, vol. 14, 99-100 (Text/Publication/Article). SHG28028.

<2> Clark, G., Cowie, T. & Kruse, S, 2017, Feats of Clay, Cat nos. 98-101, 132-135, 157-8, H12 (Text/Publication/Monograph). SHG28012.

<3> Inverness Museum & Art Gallery, Inverness Museum & Art Gallery Accession registers, 2017.010 (Collection/Catalogue). SHG25836.

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