Highland HER Monument MHG59128: Socketed Axehead - Near Conon Bridge


Site NameSocketed Axehead - Near Conon Bridge
Site Type(s)FINDSPOT (Bronze Age - 2400 BC to 551 BC)
Find Type(s)AXEHEAD Bronze Age - 2400 BC to 551 BC (FHG2801)
NGRNH 5400 5500
Record created18/12/2018 11:18:31
Last updated10/07/2020 17:44:05

Description and Sources

A Late Bronze Age socketed axehead of bronze was found in 2015 during metal detecting. It has a sub-oval socket and body section and plain mouth. Below the rim the sides draw in slightly, before widening again below the loop
to meet the tips of the moderately expanded cutting edge; green-brown; worn surfaces but in generally very good, sound condition. L:69mm; W (cutting edge) 35.5mm; socket 29.4 x 25.7mm externally.
Wholly plain socketed axeheads are surprisingly rare in Scotland and the closest parallels for this example instead appear to lie among a range of axeheads with similarly plain rims, rather cylindrical bodies and expanded cutting edges known from Ireland (Eogan 2000, Class 10A axes). Given the Easter Ross provenance, and the evidence for Irish–Scottish connections with the Moray Firth region throughout the Bronze Age, it is possible that this is an import from Ireland, or a local product based on a type at home in Ireland. Date range c1000–800 BC.
Neighbouring fields have revealed a number of cropmarks (including a likely henge monument), indicative of an area of potentially high archaeological significance.
Claimed as Treasure Trove (CO.TT. 146/15), allocated to Inverness Museum and Art Gallery. <1>

A socketed axehead was found by metal detecting near Conon Bridge in 2015. It is currently held by Treasure Trove (146/15). It was catalogued as part of the North Kessock & District Local History Society and Archaeology for Communities in the Highlands (ARCH) collaborative 'Feats of Clay' Project, which was focused on Bronze Age metalworking around the Moray Firth. It was assigned a Late Bronze Age date. <2>

The axehead is listed under Acc. No 2016.001 in the Inverness Museum catalogue. <3>

Grid reference is marginal only. A 10 figure GR is held by TT and IMAG. GW 18/12/18

<1> Hunter, F, 2016, Urquhart and Logie Wester, Conon Bridge, Metal detector find, Discovery Excav Scot, New, vol. 17, pp. 118-9 (Text/Publication/Article). SHG28236.

<2> Clark, G., Cowie, T. & Kruse, S, 2017, Feats of Clay, Cat. No. 84 (Text/Publication/Monograph). SHG28012.

<3> Inverness Museum & Art Gallery, Inverness Museum & Art Gallery Accession registers, 2016.001 (Collection/Catalogue). SHG25836.

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