Highland HER Monument MHG12958: Medieval trough and bog butter find - near Durness, Sutherland


Site NameMedieval trough and bog butter find - near Durness, Sutherland
Site Type(s)FINDSPOT (Norse to Medieval - 800 AD to 1559 AD)
Find Type(s)BOG BUTTER Norse to Medieval - 800 AD to 1559 AD (FHG566)
TROUGH Norse to Medieval - 800 AD to 1559 AD (FHG3815)
NGRNC 40000 66999
Record created08/01/2003 09:58:47
Last updated22/05/2020 15:28:12

Description and Sources

RMS SHC 9. Found waterlogged in peat cutting; recovered in pieces and conserved with acetone resin. Worked from one solid log of oak and contained irregular pitted lump of bog butter some 340mm long. <1>

Carved rectangular oak trough with rim handles, dated to 1010 +/- 80 ad (OxA-3010). NMS SHC 9. <2>

Location cited as NC 40 67. Rectangular handled trough found in peat-cutting 1969 and dated to 960-1260 AD (OxA-3010). NMS SHC 9 (trough) and 10 (butter).
NMRS, MS/996/1. <3>

Similar to trough found at Loch Glashan crannog, Mid Argyll. <4>

The original published NGR for the findspot of this trough is clearly incorrect and although the location in <3> is closer, it is the corner of a grid square that happens to contain Durness itself. In the absence of a definite grid reference the NGR has been moved to that in <3> - IS-L 20/8/2012.

This record is a duplicate of MHG12049, with both describing a trough with bog butter, now in the NMS under Acc. No. SHC 9. The former grid reference for this record, NC 387 368 is erroneous, as the northing should be 638 instead of 368, as is given in MHG12049. HES Canmore has merged their equivalent two records in light of this. GW 22/05/2020

National Museums of Scotland, 2019, Highland Finds from the NMS Catalogue, SHC 9, SHC 10 (Dataset/Database File). SHG28278.

<1> Close-Brooks, J, 1985, 'Some objects from peat bogs', Proc Soc Antiq Scot Vol. 114 1984, p.578-81, 580 (Text/Publication/Article). SHG1529.

<2> Earwood, C, 1993, 'The dating of wooden troughs and dishes', Proc Soc Antiq Scot Vol. 123 1993, p.355-62, 356-7; illus 1 (Text/Publication/Article). SHG1646.

<3> Earwood, C, 1993, Domestic wooden artefacts in Britain and Ireland from Neolithic to Viking times, 100, 101, 274 (Text/Publication/Volume). SHG2155.

<4> Earwood, C, 1991, 'The wooden artefacts from Loch Glashan crannog, Mid Argyll, 80 (Text/Publication/Article). SHG1733.

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