NMS Archaeology Object 677424: X.1996.293.653 - Mould



Mould from excavations at Dunadd, Kilmichael Glassary, Argyll

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X.GPA 653
SF 196

Original description

Assemblage from Dunadd. ORF: IDENTIFICATION - Other numbers: CO TT 65/95. Department Section: Early/Later Prehistory; National Audit Category: Archaeology. Object Name: Finds assemblage from excavations at Dunadd, Argyll in 1980-81. Description: Finds assemblage from excavations at Dunadd, Argyll in 1980-81. Details to follow. Note that a selection of items from these sites were allocated temporary X.1997 numbers for purposes of MOS. For archive catalogues etc see separate folder. FIELD COLLECTION - Place: Dunadd, Kilmichael Glassary, Argyll. Grid Reference: NR 8365 9356. Site Type: Fort. Circumstances of Discovery / Notes: NMRS no: NR89SW 1.00. Registered / Completed By: [name redacted]. Date: 1996. [name redacted] notes 14.5.2009: X.1996.293.653 = Mould. Almost complete lower valve, front face of small highly decorated bird-head brooch with square-ended hoop panel. The terminals have opposed incurving beaks with raised margins. The eyes, D. 6 mm., fill the entire head and have raised margins and sunken interiors. The hoop also has a raised margin and within the sunken field is a pattern of relief interlace decoration (Allen 1903, no.653). The hoop panel stands in relief above the hoop and is wider than the hoop. The sides of the hoop, the eye and the beak slope outwards at a steep angle and have milled decoration, but this does not extend onto the hoop-panel. Negative keying; two dowel holes, one in the centre, one at the margin and one slash mark on outer margin. Mould thickness 7 mm. Hoop D. 28 mm., T. of brooch as cast 2 mm. Site 3(61) SF196

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Dunadd, Kilmichael Glassary, Argyll, Scotland, Northern Europe


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Queen's and Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer

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