NMS Archaeology Object 14226: H.GT 137 - Brooch



Circular brooch of brass or bronze, with a plain flat ring, from Skellor, Sollas, North Uist

Accession Number

H.GT 137

Other references

Archaeology Classification Number
Queen Street Register
X.GT 137
1912 p. 350

Original description

[No description given on card]. [Archaeology description] [One of GA 136-7] Two circular brooches of brass or bronze, from Benbecula, one 2 1/8 ins. in diam. made of a flat plain ring 3/8" wide, the pin having a loop-head loosely working on a part of the brooch cut into both sides of the brooch for the purpose, leaving a narrow tongue to pass through the loop; the other from Skellor 2 1/4 inches wide and similarly plain.

Associated person/people (e.g. excavator/former collection)


Discovery / field collection

Date of discovery

Not recorded

Method (e.g. excavation)

Not recorded

Place (i.e. location of discovery)

Skellor, Sollas, North Uist, Inverness-shire, Scotland, Northern Europe

Grid reference

Not recorded


Acquisition date


Acquisition source (i.e. name of donor)

Erskine Beveridge, LL.D.

Acquisition source role (e.g. donor)




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