Highland HER Monument MHG61529: MD Finds - Whitebridge


Site NameMD Finds - Whitebridge
Site Type(s)FINDSPOT (Medieval to 19th Century - 1058 AD to 1900 AD)
Find Type(s)ANNULAR BROOCH Medieval - 1058 AD to 1559 AD (FHG4275)
BUCKLE (2) Post Medieval - 1560 AD to 1900 AD (FHG4279)
COIN (2) Post Medieval - 1560 AD to 1900 AD (FHG4278)
MUSKET Post Medieval - 1560 AD to 1900 AD (FHG4280)
PROJECTILE Post Medieval - 1560 AD to 1900 AD (FHG4281)
SCREW Post Medieval - 1560 AD to 1900 AD (FHG4282)
SPINDLE WHORL Post Medieval - 1560 AD to 1900 AD (FHG4277)
WEIGHT Post Medieval - 1560 AD to 1900 AD (FHG4276)
NGRNH 4900 1500
Record created19/02/2020 11:08:53
Last updated03/07/2020 16:06:26

Description and Sources

A medieval copper alloy annular brooch was submitted to Treasure Trove (TT 219/16) and allocated to Inverness Museum. It bore a cast geometric design on one side. It was made of sheet metal and had no pin.

Also submitted to Tresure Trove from the same findspot were several post-medieval finds. 3 of these were claimed (TT 220/16) and allocated to Inverness Museum. These comprised a thumb piece from a Land Pattern musket, which was stamped with letting in two rows (NO64/ID), a partial iron screw fitting and a lead projectile with multiple indents, possibly from teeth marks.

6 other post-medieval objects were disclaimed (TTNC 2017/007). These comprised: a nested weight-set lid with a shaped handle, fleur de Lis mark and unidentified maker mark, a plain whorl or weight, 2 copper alloy turners, a 17th century trapezoidal frame buckle and a square framed buckle. <1>

The annular brooch is listed under Acc. No. 2018.014 in the Inverness Museum catalogue. <2>

Four figure grid reference given is marginal. A full grid reference for the objects is held by Treasure Trove. GW 03/07/20

<1> Treasure Trove, 2019, Highland Finds from Treasure Trove Annual Reports 2004-18, TT 219/16, TT 220/16, TTNC 2017/007 (Dataset/Database File). SHG28208.

<2> Inverness Museum & Art Gallery, Inverness Museum & Art Gallery Accession registers, 2018.014 (Collection/Catalogue). SHG25836.

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