Highland HER Monument MHG60604: Roman Brooch - Lonnie


Site NameRoman Brooch - Lonnie
Site Type(s)FINDSPOT (Roman - 79 AD to 409 AD)
Find Type(s)HEADSTUD BROOCH Roman - 79 AD to 409 AD (FHG3438)
NGRNH 7300 4900
Record created20/06/2019 13:19:30
Last updated17/07/2020 11:35:55

Description and Sources

A Romano-British enamelled headstud brooch was found during metal detecting near Lonnie. The pin and headstud are now lost but the brooch is in good condition and may well have been a deliberate offering; the findspot is close to water. Originally enamelled in two colours, but only blue now survives. L 57mm. Claimed as Treasure Trove (TT 115/15), allocated to Inverness Museum. See DES entry for scale drawing. <1>

Information from the Treasure Trove database describes a large headstud brooch with good survival of blue enamel on bow and pin head shoulders, elements of pin surviving. <2>

This brooch is listed under Acc. No. 2016.002 in the Inverness Museum catalogue. <3>

Four figure grid reference given is marginal. The full GR for the brooch is held by Treasure Trove. GW 17/07/20

<1> Hunter, F, 2015, Petty, Lonnie, Metal detector find, Discovery Excav Scot, New, vol. 16, pp. 112-3 (Text/Publication/Article). SHG28238.

<2> Treasure Trove, 2019, Highland Finds from Treasure Trove Annual Reports 2004-18, TT 115/15 (Dataset/Database File). SHG28208.

<3> Inverness Museum & Art Gallery, Inverness Museum & Art Gallery Accession registers, 2016.002 (Collection/Catalogue). SHG25836.

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