Finds Hub figures!

28 February 2023

% Finds Hub target achieved

Thanks to Hugo Anderson-Whymark's amazing efforts, along with a little help from 21 other Finds Hub users, we have already reached our original target of 150,000 Finds Hub links by 30 April 2023 🎉🎆🎈 But there are plenty more links still to make! Find an object type that tickles your fancy and find out how many of these you can link to their discovery sites. Focus on finds from your local area. Help us to reach our new target of 18,000 Finds Hub links by 30 April 2023!

Total site records: 517,312
Total finds records: 179,261
Total Boundary Objects Project links: 210,162
Data import links*: 45,510
Contributor links: 164,652
Contributor links target**: 180,000
Registered contributors: 22

* On data import, existing links between records in two different datasets that were only recorded in one direction were reversed automatically so that they are now recorded in both datasets

** Each link between an object and a discovery site counts twice (once in both directions so that you can move smoothly back and forth between datasets) so the total number of links possible is huge!